What is the Cryptocurrency Payment Network™ (CPN)?

The CPN is quite simply the future of money! The CPN is the first dedicated cryptocurrency payment network, whereby a merchant will be able to accept cryptocurrency and receive cash (USD or Euros) via ACH/SEPA transfer, while the consumer will enjoy the convenience of paying with cryptocurrency.

How does the CPN work?

For consumers, the CPN works the same way as a traditional debit card. It’s as simple as 1-2-3. 

Swipe your debit card on any CPN-based terminal; 

Insert the chip end of the card into the terminal’s card reader; 

Enter your PIN and approve the transaction. The fiat (USD) equivalent amount in cryptocurrency of the transaction is removed from your cryptocurrency wallet. 

A summary of the transactions made through the CPN is available online. 

There are no fees to the consumer to request, keep or use a cryptocurrency debit card. 

For merchants, the CPN likewise works the same as traditional debit cards. The merchant enters the transaction amount and the consumer supplies their account credentials. 

An approval is generated and displayed on the terminal for optional printing. Each day, an ACH (USA) or SEPA (Europe) transfer is made to you. There is no need to close your batch. A summary of the transactions made through the CPN is available online.

How are CPN's merchants associated with the network?

Our current displayed merchants are connected through third party payment processors that allow us to integrate directly with the merchant's payment system. While we are not "officially" partnered with the merchants, you will be able to spend your cryptocurrencies at these merchants for their goods and services. 

Are there any fees to use CPN?

For the consumer: none. There are no fees to request a free cryptocurrency debit card. There are no fees for any transaction. There are no annual fees or maintenance fees. 

For the merchant: 3% of any transaction – roughly in line with the existing credit and debit card networks. There is no charge for a terminal for any qualified merchant. Any other merchant can request a COIN terminal by paying a $150 deposit. Please contact us if you’d like further details. We are working rapidly to produce and distribute more terminals to more merchants. Our success is based on your success

 If I make a transaction, what price do I get for my cryptocurrency when it is converted to cash?

The valuation of your cryptocurrency for transacting through our network is based on the price supplied to us by third-party quotation services at the time of your transaction and will be displayed on the terminal so you can approve the exchange rate. At this time, we are using for our quotation services. (Note: we do not distinguish between a “bid” and an “ask” price to value your transaction – sometimes we may make the spread on the transaction and sometimes we will lose the spread on the transaction, over the course of all transactions, this fluctuation will net out.)

Where is CPN accepted?

Merchant directory coming soon!

What if I want to return something I purchased from a merchant?

Cryptocurrency transactions are always non-refundable through the network. Each merchant of course sets their own return policy – please ask your merchant for details. Because there are often large fluctuations in the value of cryptocurrencies and the merchant has received fiat currency (USD or Euros) for the purchase you made, returns – if available from the merchant – will be paid to you by the merchant in fiat currency. We cannot “credit” transactions back to you. Please use wisely, as you would cash.

Is the CPN network secure?

CPN uses the same levels of security as a typical debit or credit card. This standard is known as PCI DSS (certification pending). In addition, upon physical presentation of the chip-enabled card, the customer is required to enter their personally-selected 6 digit PIN number. Each transaction can optionally generate an email and/or text message to the consumer. During our beta period, transactions will be limited to $100 USD/Euros each.

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